Elite Program


The Elite Middle School Program‚Äč@ NSC is designed for all youth players in Bermuda who wish to take their personal development as football players to the next level and to prepare them for the challenges of football outside of Bermuda in a secondary school or college/university setting, or in a professional club setting most likely in the UK. We believe the optimal age to begin grooming these players is around 12. Not only do we aim to develop their football skills, but we also strive to help them develop academically and socially to create balanced individuals that excel in all facets of life. The modern football game requires that the players are well rounded in technical, tactical, mental, decision making and game understanding.

The players will begin to apply their technical knowledge ideally around 15 to 17 years old but all the preparation work must be done during the years leading up to this in order to assure success.

The objective is to consistently be able to place players based on having had them properly exposed and introduced to the coaches of the receiving school/club and to minimize any hurdles that might arise in such a process. To join this program the player and parents must possess the right attitude and desires. Our UEFA B licensed coaches will carry out coaching primarily.