Who We Are



The people involved in the formation of FC Bascome Bermuda have all spent their last 15-20 years investing in the development of football Bermuda.  In many cases we have played for both club, school/colleges, and country, so our understanding of the game, and what it takes to be your best, and what the beautiful game can offer in terms of professional careers, both on and off the pitch, are well documented and stretches over 45 years. We have also been driven by one principal that given Bermuda’s limited size and geographical remoteness, it is better to bring the opportunities for players and clubs to Bermuda, than the players and the clubs traveling overseas to gain knowledge and seek opportunities. Of course, if a player demonstrates the right qualities and personal demeanor to seek the professional challenge, he or she, must move abroad. However, the later in the youth player’s career that happens, generally the better.

Our line-up is:

Andrew Bascome
Richard Calderon
Robert Calderon
Stefan Dupres
John Doran
Henrik Schroder