Why Are We Forming FC Bascome Bermuda?



Football matters to almost all Bermudians. It is the largest youth sport, it is the national sport, not a surprise given our British influences, and it has been the professional career path for both football players and college bound player/student athletes. Bermudians follow the major international leagues like religion. However, size is a problem. Being a small community of 64,000 people rather isolated in the Northern Atlantic, makes it difficult for both players and clubs to reach their full potential. This is why we have formed FC Bascome Bermuda: It gives our players a path to reach competitive levels not attainable locally, and it provides them with exposure, allowing them to compete for a place at the “professional opportunity table”. Further, as only 0.5% of the players who enter academies and feeder clubs to the large professional franchises make it to the top, we must provide them with life skills and opportunities beyond the pitch. USL 2 is the documented best place in North America to create the requirements and exposure that our players need. Further, the league is played off-season for Bermuda, thereby not colliding with our local leagues, nor requiring any player to leave their existing club or programs. USL 2 will add another 14 to 17 games and over a three months period, extending the season and the training period closer to the large footballing nations league structures.

By taking this step we will also strive to institutionalize this bridge between Bermuda and North America and beyond, making this path part of the opportunity sets that young Bermuda players will embrace as a means of reaching their dreams, while the recruiters/scouts and school, and other professional development organizations, will better start to understand the talent and determination of our Bermuda players and to make Bermuda part of their catchment area and to visit for tournaments, practice sessions off-season, etc.